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How to Play Hold' Em Stud Poker


HOLD' EM STUD POKER: Hold Em Stud poker combines elements of Texas Hold Em and stud pokers. Like stud, every player's hand includes up cards and down cards that are used solely by that player. Like Hold Em there are common cards that may be used by all players. Deal cards as detailed below.
At the end of the game each player will have a total of 8 cards from which they can make their hand. Five cards (2 down, 3 up) may be used only by that player. There are also 3 common board cards that are shared by all players. From these 3 common and 5 individual cards each player selects any 5 cards to make their hand.
May be played high-low split.

Deal 2 down cards to each player.
Deal 1 up card to each player and 1 common board card.
Deal 1 up card to each player and 1 common board card.
Deal 1 up card to each player and 1 common board card.
High only or Hi-Lo cards speak: Showdown
Hi-Lo declaration: Declare

Playing Tips for Hold'em Stud Poker


Hold' em Stud is similar to 7 Card Stud with a few differences:
1. Each player has 8 cards to chose from, not 7. Having an additional card available means the average winning hand in Hold' em stud is higher than in 7 Card Stud.
2. Each player has 2 hidden hole cards, not 3. It is more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to hide the strength of your hand or disguise a high or low hand.
3. Each player shares 3 common cards. Multiple players are likely to have similar hands that are closely ranked. The difference between a winning and losing hand may be very slight.

Starting Hand Selection


For your initial 2 cards think in terms of Texas Hold' Em and what would be desirable hands for that game: Pair, suited connectors, connected high cards, suited ace. If played in high-low split version, any 2 low cards, ace with suited low card. However, your first 2 cards are considerably less critical compared to most other games as there are still 6 cards yet to come. You can consider continuing with any 2 cards that you think are reasonable for 1 more round unless there is a lot of betting. You will see 2 more cards and your hand will become that much more well clarified. You can then continue or fold as you normally would in 7 card stud at 3rd street.

Hole Cards vs Exposed Cards


While your 2 hole cards are not necessarily critical in your initial play vs. fold decision, they do have significant importance in disguising the strength of your final hand. Once played out, of the 8 cards you can use in your hand 6 of them will be exposed. This is very much different from other games as your (or an opponent's) final hand could be entirely visible. Only if your hand requires including one or both of your hole cards can its actual strength be hidden.