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Purchasing a poker table is likely to be the biggest expense incurred by a home poker player, playing losses excluded. Prices can vary widely from less than $100 for a basic table top, several hundred dollars for a folding table and up to many thousand dollars for a custom designed hand crafted furniture-quality poker table. For those with a modest budget, considerable money can be saved by purchasing a used table, or, if you have the talent and tools, building your own table.

Table Tops, Folding Tables & Furniture


There are 3 basic types of poker tables: simple table tops, folding tables and real solid furniture:

Table tops are just that: a poker styled cover that is placed on top of another table. The most important factor is selecting a table top is making sure it is properly matched to the top of the table it will be placed on. Since tops are usually octagonal, they will fit best on a square or round table. Avoid a top that overlaps the edges of the table, as it is prone to be caught and flipped when a player sits or rises. In my opinion, a table top offers little benefit, other than trying (not very successfully) to convey the sense of a real poker table. Under most circumstances it is probably preferable to just use a table without the top. If you want to cover it with something poker-like, try a sheet of felt.

Folding poker tables have legs that fold for easy storage, and are suitable for occasional use. Bring it out when its needed and then put it away. For most players, a decent folding table is all that is needed. Quality, features and cost can vary widely. Some folding tables may include a matching set of folding chairs, while others may not.

Solid Furniture is a poker table that does not fold up for storage. It stands as a piece of furniture. Obviously, this requires a permanent space be dedicated for the table and chairs and will require a significant amount of room. Furniture quality poker tables and chairs can vary widely in cost up to several thousand dollars.

Table Size, Shape & Seating Capacity


Before purchasing a poker table it is vital to consider your particular needs and balance that with any space restrictions you may encounter. First, decide how many players you wish to accomodate. Second, determine how much room you have to accomodate a poker table and whether or not you have dedicated space for the table. Another consideration is comfort: how much table space each player has in front of them. The minumum is probably about 18 inches. Anything less is going to make players feel crowded. Generally, oval tables will provide more comfort room than round or octagon tables.

Eight players can be seated at a round or octagonal table with a diameter of at least 48 inches, though a 54 inch diameter is preferable. Each player will have about 19 inches of table space at a 48 inch diameter table, while the 54 inch table gives a more comfortable 21 inches. To accomodate 8 players at an oval table it should be 36-42+ inches wide and about 72 inches long, which gives each player 22-23 inches of room.

For up to 10 players, a round or decagonal table of 55-60 inches or more in diameter is needed. 55 inches will make for a tight fit (17.25 inches per player), 60 inches gets each player nearly 19 inches of room. As a down side, tables of these diameters make it very difficult for a player to reach to the center to scoop up chips from a winning hand. Additionally, these tables are likely to be more difficult to find and rather expensive. An oval table accomodating 10 players should be 36-48 inches wide and 84-96 inches long. The 42x84 size yields almost 22 inches per person; 42x96 gives 23 inches; 48x96 provides 24 inches. Should a dedicated dealer be desired (11 people total at the table) the amount of space for each is reduced by 2-2.5 inches.

In addition to seating comfort, give consideration as well to the sight lines of different shaped tables. Round or polygon tables give the same sight lines to each player. For oval tables, the best sight lines are those seated toward the middle of the table along the straight sides. Those sitting at the end seats may have greater difficulty seeing board cards in the center of the table or other players up cards in stud games.



These are links to the websites of poker table vendors and suppliers, custom craftsmen and sites that provide plans for building your own poker table. These links are provided to assist you in obtaining more information. To have a site listed in this directory Contact Us.


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