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Keeping Playing Cards Clean


Over time, with the continual handling of cards it is inevitable that they will get soiled. While it might be impossible to prevent, there are common sense steps that can be taken to keep any type of playing card as clean as possible for as long as possible:

Clean the surface of your table before the game.
Wash your hands before playing and after eating.
Keep food and drinks off the table and wipe up spills as quickly as possible.
Avoid serving finger foods.
Avoid serving oily or greasy foods.

Only 100% plastic playing cards can tolerate water or other aqueous fluids. Plastic coated paper cards will be ruined by any exposure to moisture.

Cleaning 100% Plastic Playing Cards


One of the features that makes 100% plastic playing cards last a long time is the ability to clean them if they get soiled. This is a characteristic solely of 100% plastic cards. If your cards came with care and cleaning instructions, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. If not, here are general guidelines for cleaning most 100% plastic cards:

For a quick cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth. Do not use paper towel.
Use cold water and a soft cloth. Never use hot water.
A mild neutral soap (eg. Dove) can be used if an initial cleaning with plain water is not satisfactory.
Rub cards lightly on each side and rinse them quickly.
After initially drying with a soft clean cloth allow them to air dry for about an hour per side by laying cards on a clean table.
Avoid direct sunshine or close proximity to heat. Do not dry with a hair dryer. Do not stack cards on top of one another while still damp.
Never use detergent or alkaline soap, abrasives or solvents.
Never put in a washing machine or dish washer.
Never put cards away while they are still damp.
Never store cards exposed to sunshine or any heat source.
Read and follow any care, cleaning, handling or storage instructions that are included with cards.
The first time you perform a cleaning, test your process from start to finish with just 1 card (eg. joker) to make sure no damage occurs.