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New on HomePokerEdge.com


HomePokerEdge.com is the comprehensive home poker resource that specifically addresses the interests and needs of home poker players.
It began as a modest idea to share our favorite dealer's choice poker games with other home poker players and has evolved and expanded into one of the most comprehensive home poker guides and resources on the web today.

What's New on HomePokerEdge.com highlights all the latest content, dealer's choice poker game additions and poker game playing tips to be added to HomePokerEdge.com.

There is a huge amount of information on HomePokerEdge.com and, unlike most other sites, we don't just post content, then leave it to become outdated or stagnate forever. HomePokerEdge.com's content is reviewed, revised, updated and expanded regularly, so you will almost always find something new. The newest poker games, winning playing tips and most recently added content are listed on this What's New page, so check it all out.

We are constantly on the lookout for new games. If you have your own favorite dealer's choice poker game variation that is not included in our collection that you would like to share, please send it to us.

We hope you will bookmark HPE and visit often.

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New Dealer's Choice Poker Games


HomePokerEdge.com features over 130 different, fun and challenging poker game variations. Here are the latest additions.
Full descriptions and how to play these new poker games are found on our Dealer's Choice Poker Games pages: Draw Poker Games, Hold 'em Games, Omaha Games and Stud Poker Games.
Game descriptions and instructions assume you are familiar with how to play the basic poker games. If you have a question or want to know more about any of our games, please let us know via our Contact HPE page.


OMAHA DRAW POKER Is it Omaha or is it Draw? It's a little of both with this variation of the Omaha theme.


2 AND 3 HIGH-LOW Use 2 for high or 3 for low in this high-low split version of Omaha.


2 OR 3 OMAHA POKER Make your choice: Two from your hand and three from the board OR 3 from your hand and 2 from the board.


PICK & ROLL STUD POKER Pick the cards you want. Roll what you want the others to see.


JACKS or LOWBALL Pass or open? High or low? The players actions decide in this version of 5 Card Draw.

New Wild Card Poker Games


Full descriptions and how to play these new wild card games are found on our Wild Card Poker page.


HIGH for LOW & LOW for HIGH High-Low split with different wild cards for each. Two versions: 7-card and 6-card.


RETURN of the KING Queens rule for now. But, if the King returns the throne is his.


HOLD EM STUD with JOKER It's part Stud, part Hold Em with a wild card thrown in.


EXPRESS ELEVATOR Try to cash in on the ups and avoid the downs in this wild card game.


FILL YOUR CRACK Go wild when you slip in the right card. Just limp along when you don't.

New Poker Game Playing Tips


Gain an advantage with our special insider playing tips and insights for playing and winning these poker game variations. Tips include a detailed how-to-play and summary of action and valuable information such as optimal starting hand selection, factors to consider during play, rank of usual winning hands, recognizing and avoiding problems and playing mistakes and hand probabilities. Before you play learn from the experienced HPE.com staff.

Playing Tips for 2 by 4 Stud Poker Winning playing tips and strategies for 2 by 4 Stud Poker.

Playing Tips for Express Elevator Poker Winning playing tips and strategies for the dealer's choice wild card game of Express Elevator poker.

Playing Tips for Hot & Cold Pineapple Poker Tips for playing and winning the dealer's choice game of Hot & Cold Pineapple poker

Playing Tips for Hot & Cold Omaha Poker The flop is "hot", the turn and river "cold". Get inside tips on this brand new game.

Playing Tips for Cow Pie Stud Poker with Joker How to play and playing tips for the wild card game of Cow Pie Stud Poker with Joker.

New Articles & Reviews


Newly added, our ARTICLES & REVIEWS page has original articles on a variety of poker topics as well as book and product reviews. .

The 3 Most Important Poker Decisions

12 Ideas for Improving Your Poker Play


See our revised and updated PLAYING TIPS for WILD CARD POKER for detailed playing tips, hand odds or probabilities and much more information you will want to know when playing wild card poker games. We have revised this page and added a lot of new content. Click on this link or the links from our Wild Card Games page.


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