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Poker Resources, Supplies & Equipment Guide


The equipment and supplies needed by home poker players can add up to a considerable expense. To help you make informed decisions about poker chips, playing cards, poker tables, poker tournament timers and other poker supplies, we have assembled information and other resources that provide style, quality, feature and cost considerations to aid you in making these poker purchases.

We also provide information on how to care for and clean poker chips and 100% plastic playing cards.

Poker Chip Resources


Guide to Poker Chips Identify the differences in poker chip composition, quality and cost. Determine the most practical and affordable poker chips for your game and calculate how many chips to purchase. With a directory of poker chip suppliers.

How to Clean Poker Chips It is inevitable that your poker chips will get dirty, it's just a matter of time. Learn how to make them look like new.

Poker Chip Colors & Denominations Poker chip colors and their most commonly associated values or denominations, including color and chip values used in the World Series of Poker.

Playing Card Resources


Guide to Playing Cards All playing cards are not created equal. The information needed to select the best and most practical playing cards for your home poker game and a directory of manufacturers and suppliers.

How to Clean 100% Plastic Playing Cards With proper care and careful cleaning, 100% plastic playing cards can last many times longer than other types of cards.

Poker Table Resources


Guide to Poker Tables The types and styles of poker tables from economical table tops to expensive and stylish hand crafted furniture and directory of suppliers, craftsmen and build-it-yourself poker table plans.

Poker Tournament Timer and Manager Resources


Guide to Poker Tournamant Timers and Managers The difference between a timer and a poker tournament manager, list of features, how to choose one and a supplier directory.